‘Govt. aims to increase per capita income’

2019-03-17 at 19:55

State Minister Ashoka Abeysinghe says the government plans to increase the per capita income in line with the increasing cost of living.

Speaking to media in Kandy State Minister Abeysinghe said the government is currently engaged in efforts to implement this initiative.

The State Minister noted the country exports Rs.50 billion worth milk powder adding the price of milk powder fluctuates due to the rate of the dollar against the Sri Lankan rupee.

State Minister Abeysinghe commenting on fuel prices stressed the government has taken measures to amend fuel prices according to prices of the global market.

The State Minister claimed no country in the world will be able to reduce the price of goods moving forward, adding therefore the income of the public should increase.

State Minister Abeysinghe said the government increased the salaries of state sector employees by Rs.10,000 as a measure to balance the cost of living and the per capita income.

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