‘Govt. failed to meet state sector expectations’

2020-11-24 at 17:49

Parliamentarian Ranjith Madduma Bandara says the government has failed to fulfil the promises made to state sector workers.

The Parliamentarian speaking during the Parliament debate today said overtime payments and other allowances of state sector workers has been slashed with the new government coming into power.

He said many state employees have obtained loans based on overtime payments, adding that today they are unable to repay loans.

MP Bandara also ridiculed the government for allowing state employees to seek employment after work hours at private firms, instead of providing their wages.

He noted that the good governance government granted the judiciary and university lecturers salary increments by threefold.

He questioned if the government was seeking vengeance from state sector workers.

He also claimed that the inability of the Police Financial Crimes Investigation Division to enforce the law during the good governance government has resulted in several wrongdoers roaming freely in society.