‘Govt failed to take timely action over COVID-19’

2020-10-29 at 07:59

Parliamentarian Harshana Rajakaruna says if quarantine curfew was imposed to the Gampaha district three weeks ago, the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus could have been contained.

Speaking to NewsRadio, MP Rajakaruna said a majority of residents in the Gampaha district have not received the Rs.5,000 grant promised by the government for those residing in curfew-imposed areas.

MP Rajakaruna said only those in the Minuwangoda, Divulapitiya and Veyangoda Police areas have received the allowance.

He stressed people who live on daily wages in the district in particular, are facing grave challenges and have not received any aid or allowances for living expenses.

The MP charged the government of failing to take timely action and held the incumbent administration responsible for the present state of affairs.