Govt. hasn’t bettered rural livelihoods- Namal

2019-03-14 at 17:42

United People’s Freedom Alliance Parliamentarian Namal Rajapaksa says the government has failed in bettering the livelihoods of people in rural areas.

Speaking in Parliament during the Committee Stage Debate today the Parliamentarian said more than a million people are suffering from poverty.

The Parliamentarian alleged the government has failed yo introduce a method where villages will receive money and where the youth in villages can obtain jobs.

MP Rajapaksa noted the unemployment rate is between 16-20% while 25% of the number is women.

The Parliamentarian stressed the number of university entrants are reducing daily.

MP Namal Rajapaksa meanwhile requested the government to opt from boasting and grant concession to the public during the last few months of the government’s tenure.

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