‘Transparency is a must when obtaining loans’

2019-12-14 at 08:16

The Frontline Socialist Party says the country must act in a transparent manner when obtaining loans in the wake of the economic turmoil the country is faced with.

Central Committee member Duminda Nagamuwa said the people should be made aware of the terms of foreign loans.

He said many countries are suffering with debt crises, claiming that for Sri Lanka it began with India.

He said when India offered loans, the country accepted them and sacrificed the Mattala Airport and a dock at the Colombo Port to India.

Nagamuwa added they country will have to do the same with the Trincomalee Harbour as well.

He claimed that loans aren’t provided by countries for the love of the borrower, highlighting that there are very clear conditions behind the loans.

He charged the countries leaders of dividing the country like slices of a cake in order to reach economic goals of lenders.

Duminda Nagamuwa also accused leaders of only working in their own self-interest.