‘Govt. must decide on fate of election within 72 hrs’

2020-07-13 at 18:00


The United National Party says the government must reach a decision within the next 72 hours whether the General Election is being postponed.

National Organiser of the UNP Former MP Navin Dissanayake said enforcing laws for the government and the opposition in a biased manner is unjust.

He stressed the government was clearly aiming to conduct the General Election, adding however that about 50-60% of candidates have worked hard on their campaigns and the most concerning issue now is how to postpone the election amidst a possible second wave of COVID-19.

Dissanayake said health authorities are yet to declare that the country is experiencing a second wave of the virus.

He remarked however that it seemed as if the law is the same for some and different for others, adding that this is unacceptable as the law must apply equally to all.

He explained it was apparent that crowds which gathered at about 3-4 Podujana Alliance rallies were not wearing face masks and not maintaining social distancing.

Therefore, the UNP National Organiser stressed it was clear that the law which applies to the government faction and the opposition is dissimilar.

He accordingly urged that a decision must be reached on whether the election will be cancelled or postponed within the next 48-72 hours, instead of two weeks from now.