Govt seeks solutions to the energy crisis

2019-12-10 at 19:51

Minister of Power and Energy Mahinda Amaraweera says the government has directed its attention towards finding prompt solutions to the power crisis that can occur in the future.

Speaking at a discussion at the Energy Ministry premises on issues that may arise in the power industry, Minister Amaraweera said the President and the Prime Minister had been informed of the power crisis that the country is facing. 

He said the construction of new power plants for the energy sector, and the failure of the Ceylon Electricity Board on directing its attention on other forms of alternative power generation are being widely discussed in the country.

Minister of Power and Energy Mahinda Amaraweera noted that officials have highlighted various issues that they face during the attempts to revive the power sector, such as practicality, adding that such explanations have not been supported through facts.

Minister Amaraweera added that he will promptly carry-out the President’s and the Prime Minister’s projects on the creation of power generation plants, permanent solutions to the LNG issue as well as the coal powered, power stations as a solution to the present energy crisis.