Allowance for families affected by COVID-19

2020-10-18 at 07:29

The government will disburse Rs.5,000 each to 72,245 families affected by the COVID-19 crisis in the Gampaha District, from tomorrow.

Accordingly, under the first phase, families in the Divulpitiya, Minuwangoda and Veyangoda police areas will receive the Rs.5,000 grant.

Speaking to NewsRadio, Gampaha District Secretary Sunil Jayalath said Rs.360 million has been allocated for the programme.

The Gampaha District Secretary said officials are hoping to complete the disbursment of funds by next week through Divisional Secretaries, Grama Niladhari officers and through rural banks within the three Police divisions.

He said following the conclusion of the first phrase, funds will be disbursed to selected families in 16 other Police areas in the Gampaha District where curfew has been imposed.

The Gampaha District is the worst affected region by the coronavirus crisis, following the emergence of the Minuwangoda COVID-19 cluster.

Subsequent to a spike in cases, curfew was imposed in 19 police areas in the district.

Sunil Jayalath confirmed 1,594 cases of coronavirus have been detected within the district during the past two weeks.