Govt. to seek solutions to prison overcrowding

2020-02-14 at 14:07

The government has directed attention towards providing solutions to overcrowding at prisons.

Minister of Justice and Prison Reforms Nimal Siripala de Silva has held extensive talks with relevant officials over the concerns.

The measure was taken following a Cabinet Paper tabled by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

Overcrowding has been reported owing to the number of sentenced inmates, remand inmates and persons unable to pay fines.

Individuals whiling time owing to the delays in reports by the Government Analyst related to cases was also discussed.

The Minister instructed officials to speed up measures to compile the reports at the earliest.

Introducing a stringent rehabilitation programme for drug addicts was also subject to discussion.

The Justice Ministry said attention was also directed to the nature of bail conditions including fast-tracking Police investigations.

It was also discussed that transferring inmates guilty of serious crimes and transporting them for Court proceedings poses risks to the security of Prison officials as well.

Minister de Silva had stated that a Judge visiting prisons or including an inmate through skype for Court proceedings is a more viable option.

The Ministry said necessary steps to impose the death penalty on drug racketeers was being examined further.