‘Govt yet to decide on singing anthem in Tamil’

2020-01-14 at 17:17

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa says the government has not arrived at a decision to sing the National Anthem only in Sinhala.

Speaking to heads of Tamil media organisations at the Temple Trees today, the Premier said statements by various politicians over the matter, is not reflective of the government’s decision.

Premier Rajapaksa pointed out that a country should have one anthem claiming that neighbouring countries like Singapore and India also sing respective anthems in one language.

The Premier however stated, in the event of a Tamil function, singing the National Anthem in Tamil has not been prohibited.

Responding to questions over increasing the daily wage of estate workers to Rs.1,000 the Prime Minister said discussions pertaining to the matter have commenced with estate trade unions.

The Premier stressed the government’s future initiatives will be based on fulfilling the promises published in the President’s policy statement.