Govt urged to formulate a new Constitution

2020-10-24 at 13:14

The Asgiriya Chapter has urged the government to promptly formulate a new Constitution for the country.

Issuing a special statement to media, Registrar of the Asgiriya Chapter Most Venerable Medagama Dhammananda thera said the government should formulate a new constitution and ensure an environment where all communities can coexist.

Medagama Dhammananda thera said the Maha Sangha made several sacrifices and helped to form the new government, and therefore the present administration should listen to the views expressed by the clergy.

The thera noted, the government will bring disrepute to the Maha Sangha who worked tirelessly to form the incumbent government, if it continues to disregard the concerns raised by the clergy.

Medagama Dhammananda thera stressed that the Maha Sangha and the public expected several changes including clauses concerning the dual citizenship holders in the 20th Amendment, however, it was passed in Parliament without major alterations.

The thera said the country requires a new Constitution that will fulfil the aspirations of the general public and the government should take necessary steps promptly.