‘Govt. using UNP to conceal shortcomings’

2020-02-14 at 14:15

United National Party Parliamentarian Wijith Wijayamuni Zoysa says the government is using the UNP to cover up its shortcomings.

Speaking at a media briefing today the MP said there were no conflicts within the UNP adding the public was more concerned about the fulfillment of the promises they were made.

MP Zoysa claimed the period till the General Election was a break from hell noting that attractive promises were being made and concessions had been granted.

The MP further claimed that the present situation will change following the conduct of the election adding the people will be burdened and the MCC will be signed.

He further noted the economy in the whole of Asia had been affected by the coronavirus.

The MP charged serious matters such as factories not having overtime due to the coronavirus was not being discussed in Parliament.

He noted that irrelevant matters are being discussed, such as conflicts within the UNP, while the people’s concerns have been shoved aside.