UNP condemns President’s response to Harin

2021-01-13 at 13:57

The United National Party has condemned the recent statement made by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, in response to Parliamentarian Harin Fernando’s comments, claiming the matter has caused concern among the people of Sri Lanka, including those who voted for the President.

Issuing a statement UNP General Secretary Palitha Range Bandara said the President’s statement is a violation of the oath taken by the Head of State to uphold the Constitution upon assuming duties, further remarking that threatening a Member of Parliament amounts to a breach of the powers and privileges of Parliament, since this was a comment that was made in Parliament and as such could have been responded to by MPs.

The UNP statement read the President’s remarks strikes at the very heart of the Democratic norms of Sri Lanka as to how the Parliamentary system operate, noting that when taken in a background of the passing of the 20th Amendment, it must also come under scrutiny.

The UNP warned that many will regard the incident as an ominous sign of an oncoming authoritarian system.

The UNP statement therefore stressed if the President and his Government are committed to upholding Democracy, they must take genuine measures to convince the public, including those who voted for them that they will uphold Democratic values and the Constitution.