How many internet addicts in Sri Lanka?

2018-10-10 at 19:27

Several professionals in the health services have emphasised the need to conduct a survey to determine the percentage of individuals, who are addicted to the internet and electronic equipments.

Speaking during a conference organised to commemorate the world mental health day held in Colombo today Psychology specialist Dr. Apeksha Hewageegana said six million individuals in the country are accessing the World Wide Web at present.

Claiming the trend is alarming, Dr. Apeksha Hewageegana said authorities must conduct a research to determine the real impact of the use of internet in the country.

She said Sri Lanka has 25 million active mobile connections while 4.5 million individuals use Facebook in the country.

Dr. Apeksha Hewageegana added according to investigations, one in five Facebook accounts maintained in the country, are fake.

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