Japan ban all arrivals & business travelers

2021-01-14 at 17:11

Japan has banned entry for new arrivals and business travellers, including persons from Sri Lanka, China, South Korea, Hong Kong and Malaysia, due to the new COVID-19 strains.

Japan halted all new arrivals of non-nationals last month after new strains of the coronavirus that are believed to be highly transmissible were confirmed in the UK and elsewhere.

But it continued to allow entry by businesspeople from 10 Asian countries and Taiwan.

With the latest changes to its border control policy, Japan has temporarily banned entry for all new arrivals, including people using programs for short-term or long-term business travel based on agreements with 11 countries.

The countries and regions with business travel agreements affected by the latest restrictions are Cambodia, China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

The latest entry restrictions will remain in place until Feb. 7.