JVP wants to retake state assets from foreigners

2021-01-14 at 17:29

The JVP says a comprehensive programme is required to retake the country’s resources that have been sold for years, by political leaders to world powers.

Former Parliamentarian KD Lal Kantha said the programme should commence with the retaking of all domestic ports that have been given to various nations.

He said Sri Lanka cannot sustain as a country for long by merely selling national assets to various parties.

Lal Kantha claimed that all former leaders of the country should be held responsible for selling state assets.

He said the present administration was also responsible for allowing foreign powers to set camp within the country.

The former MP added that therefore Sri Lanka requires a new direction.

Meanwhile, commenting on the East Container Terminal of the Colombo Port, Lal Kantha said the government has not listened to the concerns of trade unions.

He said the government should listen to concerns of all stakeholders before arriving at decisions of national importance.