Melbourne COVID outbreak linked to SL

2021-06-08 at 08:49

The latest COVID-19 outbreak in Melbourne has been linked to an individual who landed in Australia from Sri Lanka on the 8th of May.

The traveller, in his 40s had tested positive for the Delta variant while undergoing quarantine in a hotel.

The individual was transferred to a hotel following his arrival from Sri Lanka.

Health authorities in Melbourne said he was released from hotel quarantine on May 23, and was “highly likely” not infectious at the time.

The Minister responsible for hotel quarantine, Danny Pearson, said authorities were notified of the genomic link earlier today.

Pearson said there was no obvious breaches that would indicate transmission has occurred in the hotel.

The Deputy chief health officer of Melbourne said the finding was “significant”, and four possible theories were being investigated as to how the virus was spread including whether the individual was infected by someone on the plane, the individual transmitted the virus after quarantine while in the community, or the infected individual transmitted to a staff member in hotel quarantine.

There were 24 people, including crew, on the flight in question and all have tested negative.

Meanwhile, Melbourne is set to lift its lockdown on Friday, with just two new local cases recorded today.