National security laws debated in Parliament

2020-10-22 at 13:36

The second day of the Parliamentary debate on the second reading of the draft bill of the proposed 20th Amendment to the Constitution is currently underway.

Today’s debate was opened by Leader of the Opposition Sajith Premadasa.

A debate took place between the Opposition Leader and Minister of Justice Ali Sabry.

MP Premadasa called for the creation of a National Security Council through the Constitution, adding the matter of national security must not be taken lightly.

He further stressed it would be a timely addition to also introduce a new Health and Quarantine Act, further remarking that the death penalty must be imposed against terrorists and drug racketeers.

The Opposition Leader questioned if it is fair to claim that such acts would be introduced later, while the 20th Amendment was being prioritized before.

In response Justice Minister Sabry asked the Opposition Leader if it was his party’s or his own opinion that the death penalty must be imposed.

MP Premadasa responding then questioned if the Minister of Justice was opposed to bringing the death penalty against terrorists and drug racketeers.

Also joining the debate National People’s Power Parliamentarian Anura Kumara Dissanayake said the government has the authority to present the 20th Amendment as they received a two thirds majority in Parliament.

However, he said it was not a collective effort to formulate legislation in Parliament together with the opposition.

The MP stated the legislation is being formulated with the two thirds majority in Parliament, similar to the 19 previous Amendments.