Laws to combat social media posts?

2019-03-23 at 11:47

Deputy Minister Karunarathna Paranavithana says the circulation of misinformation through social media platforms has become a major global issue.

Speaking during the Committee State Debate on the 2019 Budget in Parliament, Deputy Minister Paranavithana said unsanctioned social media activities have created several new social issues.

He said those using social media platforms must be responsible when disseminating information.

Deputy Minister Karunarathna Paranavithana added although mainstream media has editorial responsibilities, the social media users have evaded scrutiny due to the lack of legislation to monitor social media platforms.

He said countries like Germany have legislation to impose hefty penalties to those spread hatred using social media platforms.

Deputy Minister Karunarathna Paranavithana added that Sri Lanka must also consider enacting new laws to combat posts that promotes hate speech and communal disharmony in the country.

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