Legal action to be taken against MP Wimal?

2019-05-15 at 13:49

United National Party Puttalam District Parliamentarian Shantha Abeysekara has threatened to take legal action against Parliamentarian Wimal Weerawansa over a statement made by him pertaining to recent clashes in Chilaw.

Speaking during a briefing, MP Abeysekara said he would resign as a Member of Parliament if MP Wimal Weerawansa can substantiate his claims pertaining to the incidents that unfolded on Sunday in Chilaw.

The MP said he was disappointed that during the past three days his name has been tarnished in media adding that the reason was because former Minister Wimal Weerawansa had publicly claimed he was not only involved in the Chilaw incident but also that that he instigated it.

The MP said Weerawansa entered politics due to his oratory skills however stating that the MP rose up the ranks by working for his people.

He said he was elected as a Member of Parliament after moving with society, winning their hearts and after offering his services to the Public.

Abeysekara stated Weerawansa is trying to be relevant in media by making such false statements, adding therefore he would like to tell him, if Weerawansa can prove that he was involved in the incident, he would resign as a Member of Parliament.

MP Abeysekara stressed that factions are taking such measures to destroy the Government and destabilise the country adding the Anti-corruption Force’s Namal Kumara was arrested while returning from a visit to Chilaw, however he is saying that he was on his way to Chilaw.

He stated Kumara was arrested on his way back after holding a meeting in Chilaw, adding a case is being filed against Wimal Weerawansa.