License to be issued for hearing impaired persons

2019-02-10 at 08:21

The Department of Motor Traffic has decided to issue license for hearing-impaired persons.

Chairman of the National Council for Road Safety Sisira Kodagoda speaking to NewsRadio said the decision was a result of continuous requests by the Sri Lanka Deaf Federation over a period of time.

Deaf persons will accordingly have to consent to ten conditions when applying for the license.

Kodagoda said if applicants agree to the conditions then, then driver’s licenses will be issued.

He added the Federation have made requests over time to grant suitable individuals driving license, with around 10,000 persons part of the Federation.

The Motor Traffic Controller accordingly reached a decision and put forth ten conditions to which the Federation a week ago in writing informed that they agree to the terms.

Online technological training commenced on Friday.

Kodagoda noted in many countries an internationally recognised sticker is used to indicate that a hearing-impaired person is driving, adding that Sri Lanka too will implement a similar syste, while the public will also be educated.

He claimed that a main condition the Federation had to agree to was that they will not be issued license to drive heavy vehicles, and will limited to either a vehicle, three wheeler or motorbike.

They must also possess a mobile phone that will allow them to use an option of a translator so that in the event of an emergency they have a contact person.