‘Lift malfunction not an act of sabotage’

2019-02-12 at 06:56

Sergeant-at-Arms Narendra Fernando says the report on the elevator malfunction in the Parliamentary premises will be handed over to the General Secretary of Parliament tomorrow.

When inquired by NewsRadio, the Sergeant-at-Arms said investigations revealed the malfunction of the elevator which was carrying several Parliamentarians was not an act of sabotage.

Narendra Fernando said all elevators at the Parliamentary complex were inspected as part of investigations.

Twelve Parliamentarians were stuck in an elevator in Parliament on the 7th of February for around 15 minutes due to the lift malfunctioning.

A notice was later put up in Parliament restricting the number of persons able to take the lift at any given time to only six persons.

The notice read ‘Maximum Capacity, 6 Persons Only’.