‘More than 150,000 COVID-19 cases in society’

2020-10-19 at 17:20

Samagi Jana Balawegaya Parliamentarian Nalin Bandara says more than 150,000 persons who associated contacts of Minuwangoda factory workers are currently roaming in society.

Speaking at a media briefing the MP said this raises serious concerns.

He claimed that according to the government, the new infections are either from quarantine centres or close associates of apparel factory workers.

However the MP said cases from the community with no links to the Minuwangoda cluster have also been reported, citing it as a serious concern.

He noted that 1,500 cases will infect 10 person each with this spilling over to 15,000.

MP Nalin Bandara said if the infected persons spread the virus to 10 person each, it will result in 150,000 cases in society.

The MP charged that the government has failed to conduct adequate tests and claimed the Health Minister has not provided adequate answers.

He also stated that when the concerns were raised in Parliament, the Speaker took measures to adjourn the session.

MP Nalin Bandara charged that the government that claimed the present administration consists of experts and professionals, has no solutions to the crisis at hand.