Muslim MP’s meet Ramanna Nikaya Mahanayake

2019-06-12 at 08:47

Muslim Parliamentarians representing the government faction last night called on the Mahanayake of the Ramanna Nikaya Ven. Napane Premasiri Thera.

Speaking to NewsRadio MP Ishaq Rahman said the Mahanayake discussed the countries present situation with the group.

He stressed Sri Lanka is a country in which Sinhala, Muslim, Tamil and Hindu’s lived together and we must all continue to live in peace and harmony.

He said the Mahanayake made it clear that it was his stance that the country must maintain peace, harmony and development, adding when speaking to other Sinhala leaders including the Mahanayakes of the Malwathu and Asgiriya chapters the group also agreed that peace must be safeguarded.

The MP stressed that Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country, however no one disagrees that we must all live in unity and peace.

He noted that the group of Muslim MP’s have no political intentions at this time, adding Muslims cannot become either the President or Prime Minister of this country.

MP Rahman said Muslims have also worked hard and contributed to the countries independence in 1948, adding since then they have remained of the same stance.