New traffic plan in Colombo North

2020-02-15 at 06:41

The Police says vehicular movement along the Muthuwella Mawatha and Aluth Mawatha in Colombo-North will be restricted to one direction.

The Police said the traffic plan will be imposed from 8am today.

Vehicles exiting Colombo have been advised to resort to Ibbagewatte junction, Lower Sr. Andrew’s Place, Muthuwella Mawatha, Mutwal Street, Rasamuna Kanda Junction, Mattakkuliya Central Road, New Negombo Road, Karadiyana Bridge to Elakanda.

Vehicles entering Colombo have been advised to resort to Karadiyana Bridge, Mattakkuliya Central Road, Rasamuna Kanda Junction, Aluth Mawatha, Ibbagewatte and Hettiyawatta.

Police said this measure was being resorted to in a bid to minimise the traffic congestion in Colombo.

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