No decision to impose island wide curfew

2020-10-23 at 17:46

Deputy Inspector General of Police Ajith Rohana says curfew will not be imposed across the island, apart from areas where curfew is currently in effect.

Speaking at a media briefing at the National Operation Centre for COVID-19 Outbreak Acting Police Media Spokesman DIG Rohana said despite various rumours circulating in society, curfew will not be imposed across the island.

He noted that various statements and rumours are being circulated via social media of curfew being imposed, and reiterated that no such decision has been reached.

The DIG said the COVID-19 Task Force convened at 3:30pm today adding that a decision was not reached.

The Police Media Spokesman said decisions are reached based on the discovery of COVID-19 cases.

The DIG said curfew is currently in place in 44 Police areas at present adding that quarantine curfew will be strictly enforced in these areas over the weekend.

Ajith Rohana added individuals will be prohibited from leaving their homes and must refrain from travelling.