No decision yet on contesting elections-Dilshan

2018-12-06 at 20:45

Former national cricket captain TM Dilshan says a final decision has not been reached yet pertaining to contesting upcoming elections.

Speaking at a media breifing this morning he said any party that wins an election will be accepted as a government.

He said the concern should not be whether it’s the United National Party, the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna or the JVP but supporting a government to take the country forward.

Dilshan called for an election to be held for the people to determine their public representatives.

Referring to cricket, Dilshan said there are two umpires in the sport on field and when they cannot make a decision it is referred to the third umpire.

At this point the former cricketer said the third umpire and the public should be referred in order to forge ahead.

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