No more common candidates – JVP

2019-08-16 at 13:00

The JVP says it is no longer acceptable for a single individual who has does not have the backing of a political party or a common candidate to be appointed President.

Speaking at a media briefing held at the party headquarters Chief Secretary of the JVP Tilvin Silva said the National Peoples Power coalition led by the JVP will be a force that can change the country.

Silva noted some persons were of the view that a Presidential candidate who had no political background should be fielded for the election.

He stated that the JVP was of the opinion that an individual who had no support of the public, did not belong to a political group and had no political background will fail to serve the country and only make a mess.

Silva claimed a difference could only be achieved by an individual, who had shown positive changes, had a organised political background and discipline, and had joined hands with political groups that believed they could truly change the country.

He stressed the JVP could not politically accept an unfit candidate or the same common candidate.

Tilvin Silva further stressed that a ‘common folk’ or ‘subjects of a kingdom’ mindset is detrimental to a democratic country.

Silva remarked some persons wished to return to ancient times where Kings and nobles and commoners had existed adding those with the mind-set of commoners who seek a King, were unfit in a democratic society.

He stressed it was a grave concern if these persons called for a king and a conqueror as they were attempting to introduce a dictator who will only be of benefit to a small group of people.

Silva further stressed such developments will never suit a democratic society.