Parliament debates qualifications of Ambassadors

2019-07-12 at 12:51

Several Parliamentarians today expressed their views on the appointment of Ambassadors despite a lack of educational qualifications.

During today’s Parliament debate Chief Government Whip Minister Gayantha Karunatileka responded to an inquiry by JVP Parliamentarian Dr. Nalinda Jayatissa, who charged that Ambassadors are being appointed with only an Advanced Level qualification.

The MP stressed the US, UK, Australia, Japan, France, China, India and Switzerland were diplomatically very important to Sri Lanka adding that individuals with the highest qualifications, the best experience and the ability to represent the country were assigned to foreign missions.

MP Jayatissa therefore questioned the choice of assigning individuals whose only qualification were GCE A/Ls, such as Jaliya Wickramasuriya as Ambassador to the US.

In response to the inquiry, Minister Karunatileka said experience and various other factors would have led to the decision, nevertheless added the question will be directed towards the subject Minister.

MP Jayatissa expressed the problem was that although most of these individuals have degrees, they are not relevant to international relations.

The MP noted arrest warrants had been issued for Jaliya Wickrematunge, Udayanga Weerathunga and even Zahran Hashim who caused mass destruction adding although they had been issued arrest warrants, it hadn’t been possible to bring these people back to the country.

MP Jayatissa requested the government to use only skilled individuals in government service internationally.

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