Passing 20A not a true govt victory -Opposition

2020-10-25 at 19:44

The Opposition says the passing of the 20th Amendment to the Constitution is not a true victory of the government.

Speaking during a media briefing Samagi Jana Balawegaya Parliamentarian Mujibur Rahuman said the government had votes of 148 MPs while eight MPs, representing the SJB, were used to pass the 20th Amendment.

He said therefore the public didn’t grant a two thirds majority to the government and they would have lost the vote for the 20th Amendment if not for the SJB MP’s.

MP Rahuman claimed the government won votes by promising various incentives to opposition MPs.

He said therefore the purity of the government is questionable as they didn’t obtain votes from the public by promising to obtain votes of extremists to pass the 20th Amendment.

The MP noted the government has indicated that they will do anything to secure power.