Persons who completed quarantine to vote after 4pm

2020-08-05 at 06:43

Director General of Health Services Dr. Anil Jasinghe says persons who have completed coronavirus quarantine measures will be able to cast their vote after 4pm today.

Dr. Jasinghe said voting will not take place within quarantine centres. Dr. Jasinghe added the decision was reached by the Attorney General.

Accordingly, the Director General noted that those who completed 14 days in quarantine and 14 days in self isolation subsequently will be able to cast their ballot after 4pm.

He also requested persons who completed quarantine to use their own modes of transportation in order to travel to polling centres with their families.

Dr. Anil Jasinghe added that the same process will apply to individuals who contracted COVID-19 and have been discharged after recovering.

He claimed that individuals in the first 14 days of their home quarantine will not be able to cast their vote.

Dr. Jasinghe added 8,000 health workers will be deployed for election related duty.

The Director General of Health Services said Provincial Health Directors, epidemiologists, District Medical Officers of Health and Public Health Inspectors will comprise the 8,000 officers.