Pillayan & four others acquitted in murder case

2021-01-13 at 10:30

Parliamentarian Sivanesathurai Santhirakanthan alias Pillayan and four others have been acquitted in the murder case of former MP the late Joseph Pararajasingham.

The order was issued by the Batticaloa High Court this morning.

Pararajasingham was shot while attending a Christmas mass in 2005 at the St. Mary’s Church in Batticaloa.

The Attorney Generals Department on Monday informed the Batticaloa High Court that it is withdrawing the case against MP Santhirakanthan.

Accordingly, Batticaloa High Court judge S Susaidasan ordered the acquittal of the five individuals.

The case was filed against MP Santhirakanthan and four others.

MP Santhirakanthan and four others were arrested and remanded over the murder in 2015.

The five were granted bail on the 24th of November last year.