Police not tasked with clean up duties – PM

2019-12-01 at 18:00

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa has refuted allegations claiming that Police Officers have been tasked with environmental clean-up duties.

Premier Rajapaksa stressed that although specific Police Environmental Protection units have been established and directed to primarily monitor whether hygienic environments are maintained, Police officers themselves have not been directly assigned to any such environmental cleanup duties, adding that officers instead direct relevant assigned Municipal Council or Pradeshiya Sabha labourers to fulfil these tasks.

Meanwhile media inquired of the Prime Minister regarding the detaining and threatening of an employee of the Embassy of Switzerland in Colombo.

Premier Rajapaksa in response stated that according to information that he is privy to at present this incident has not been confirmed, adding however the charges have been made.

Premier Rajapaksa said CCTV footage from the area in which the employee was detained and another area relevant to the incident are currently being reviewed.

Prime Minister Rajapaksa stated once all CCTV footage is thoroughly scrutinized the truth behind the incident will then be revealed with certainty.

On a separate note the Premier said discussions with Chinese representatives regarding the Hambantota Port have also commenced, whilst discussions are expected to continue in future.