‘Politicians must ensure a safe society for all’

2021-04-08 at 07:33

Minister of Justice Ali Sabry says it is the duty of politicians to create an environment for all citizens to live peacefully, by learning from past mistakes.

Speaking in Parliament yesterday, Minister Sabry said politicians must promote peace and unity among the public instead of creating distrust and uncertainty.

He said politicians should not incite racism for political survival.

The Minister noted therefore it is the duty of all Members of Parliament to reshape the country’s future.

Parliamentarian Shanakiyan Rasamanickam said riots broke out against the Muslim community in Mawanella in 2001, in Aluthgama in 2014, in Digana, Kandy in 2018 and then the Easter attacks in 2019.

The Parliamentarian noted unrests were reported in the country in 1971 and in 1989 since the public was oppressed adding the country could experience a similar fate after the Ports City project draws to a close.

He said after the completion of the project, Chinese nationals will work at the Port City while the Sinhala majority will be side-lined which he said will in turn create animosity which could lead to a civil unrest.

Parliamentarian Rasamanickam therefore noted the country must be mindful and act diligently to avert such incidents.

Meanwhile, Parliamentarian Shan Vijayalal De Silva said politicians and religious leaders cannot merely stand for the interests of a specific group but have a collective responsibility towards society.

He said certain factions have already taken a stand on punishing specific individuals based on the findings of the Easter Sunday attacks commission even without a trial.

The Parliamentarian said they are of the view that all persons involved in the Easter Sunday attacks should be punished irrespective of their affiliations adding it should not be taken based on the interests of a certain group.