Postal service will never be privatised-Bandula

2019-12-14 at 11:50

Minister Bandula Gunawardena says the Postal Service will never be privatised despite running at a loss.

The Minister addressing media yesterday said the Postal Service is enriched with many facets that can transform the service into a profit making venture.

He said modern management mechanisms and novel technology will be implemented in the service with the aim of converting it into a profitable and economically viable one.

Minister Gunawardena added that no institution will be privatised under the government’s policies, in order to gain profits.

The Minister said it has been revealed that several services under the Postal Department were privatised during the previous government adding that the present government is looking into the possibility of bringing the privatised services under the Postal Department once again.

The Minister also stated that the country’s Postal Service has not progressed unlike other countries that have introduced new technology and modern management mechanisms to provide better services.

Therefore, the Minister said attention has been drawn to implementing novel technology to optimise the service.