Power demand peaks due to dry weather

2020-02-17 at 07:55

The report compiled by the special committee appointed to deliberate the recent decision by the Ceylon Electricity Board to impose two-hour power cuts on a daily basis, will be submitted to Subject Minister Mahinda Amaraweera either tomorrow or on Wednesday.

Media Director of the Ministry of Power and Energy Sulakshana Jayawardene said the report is being compiled at present.

Expressing his views to NewsRadio on the prevailing dry weather conditions in the country, Sulakshana Jayawardene said the daily power demand has increased steeply during the past few days.

He said the demand has risen to 46 gigawatt hours due to the prevailing dry weather condition.

The Media Director said only 15% of the power demand is being supplied through hydro power generation plants while 83% of electricity is being produced through thermal power generation plants.

Sulakshana Jayawardene added that annually the domestic power demand peaks during the period between the months of February and May.

Sulakshana Jayawardene said the water levels of main reservoirs used for power generation are at 69% and therefore noted that the hydro power generation has depleted during the past few days.  

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