Premier meets EU nation Ambassadors

2019-06-12 at 13:00

Prime Minister Ranil Wickresminghe has clarified steps taken by the government, to address various issues following the April 21st attacks, in a meeting with Ambassadors from European Union nations in Sri Lanka.

The meeting was held at Temple Trees this morning.

Ambassadors discussed their concerns with the Prime Minister, on various issues which emerged following the Easter Sunday attacks.

The Office of the Prime Minister stated Premier Wickresminghe had explained that legislation will be brought in to criminalize hate speech, by amending the Penal Code & Criminal Procedure Code.

Envoys had then pointed out the need for a monitoring mechanism which also involves the Civil Society on Hate Speech.

Envoy had further expressed appreciation for the Premiers announcement of establishing an interfaith Council of Religious Reconciliation in the country.

The Prime Minister said the proposal for an Interfaith Council was recommended by the Maha Sanga, adding accordingly negotiations will be held with leaders of all faiths in the country to establish council in this regard.