President reiterates need to end the drug menace

2019-02-14 at 17:55

President Maithripala Sirisena has commended the arrest of persons who are found to be in possession of narcotics regardless of rank and distinction.

Speaking at the Anuradhapura District special environmental summit this morning the Head of State said steps must be taken to combat the drug menace.

The President was specifically speaking in reference to the arrest of a member of the Presidential Security Division in possession of narcotics.

President Sirisena noted he was made aware that a Policeman attached to the President’s Security Division was arrested with 5.5kg of marijuana in Anuradhapura and thanked all officers attached to the Nochchiyagama Police for carrying out the raid.

The Head of State stressed the drug menace has spread even within the PSD adding if an officer attached to the PSD is stopped by the Police he is allowed to pass through once he produces the ID and therefore their vehicles go unchecked.

The President claimed the officer who was arrested in Anuradhapura and his wife are Sub Police Inspectors.

President Sirisena said therefore under such circumstances posts and ranks should not be considered when taking action against such offenses.

President Sirisena added that attention is being drawn towards entirely banning the imports of electric chainsaws.

The Head of State noted discussions will be held with importers of chainsaws adding they were requested to attend discussions in the coming days in order to suspend the importation of chainsaws.

The President stressed failing to do so would lead to felling rackets that will harm the environment.

President Sirisena therefore noted complaints should be lodged before the Police against those who are in possession of illegal chainsaws.