‘President should end present govt’s term’

2018-10-11 at 19:36

United People’s Freedom Alliance Parliamentarian Dilum Amunugama says he will support any faction that will work towards overthrowing the coalition government in order to establish a new government.

Speaking to media in Kandy MP Amunugama said members of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party should also be responsible for the crisis in the country.

He noted the President along with all Parliamentarians are responsible for putting an end to the term of the present government.

The Parliamentarian meanwhile explaining the fuel pricing formula said the Minister of Finance himself is not familiar with the formula and charged the government of not being willing to reveal the formula to the public.

The Parliamentarian meanwhile accused the government of inconveniencing the public by increasing the price of goods adding the public elects a government with the hope that concessions and solutions to issues will be provided.

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