President won’t go back on his words -Ranjith

2019-07-14 at 17:55

United People’s Freedom Alliance Parliamentarian Ranjith De Zoysa says he is of the view that President Maithripala Sirisena will not contest the upcoming election.

Speaking to media in Embilipitiya, MP Zoysa said the President has not indicated his re-election plans despite his group’s attempts to field him as the next Presidential Candidate.

The Parliamentarian noted that President Sirisena clearly said he will only hold office for a period of four years, and that he doesn’t want to remain in office any longer, adding however because the Cabinet wanted him to, he said he’ll hold office for five years, and that he won’t run for Presidency again.

MP De Zoysa added that he believes the President won’t contest for Presidency for a second time and backtrack on his words, as it is not good for the office of the President if he does.

The MP however claimed that there is no sign of President Sirisena preparing to leave office adding that it is expected.

He noted that it was clear that everything was being done for the President to remain in power, for as long as he can, while adding that he noticed the need to keep the President in power for those around him.

However MP De Zoysa said by working to postpone elections, those in power continue to diminish their reputation

He said the public should strongly oppose all moves to delay the conduct of the election.