Presidential Secretariat to remain open 24/7

2020-03-27 at 09:11

Measures have been taken for the public relations division of the Presidential Secretariat to remain open 24 hours a day to receive public complaints, based on directives issued by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa in line with the present situation.

Complaints can be lodged pertaining to persons violating government orders or causing inconvenience to the public via the hotline 0114354550 and 0114354655.

Additionally complaints can also be lodged by contacting the direct line of the Presidential Secretariat on 0112354354 and using the extensions 3872, 3873, 3874 and 3875.

The Director of Public Relations can also be contacted to lodge complaints on 0773743718.

The public can also provide information pertaining to the spread of COVID-19 via 0112860003 and 0112860004.

Information can also be provided by dialing 0112354354 and using the extension 3355.

Measures will be taken to direct the information provided by the public to relevant units promptly.

A stringent investigation will also be carried out pertaining to failure to carry out orders and directives issued by the President.

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