Probe Gotabhaya’s statement- Mujibur

2018-10-10 at 18:56


The United National Party says a comprehensive investigation should be launched into a statement made by former Secretary of Defence Gotabhaya Rajapaksa pertaining to toppling the government by resorting to all possible measures.

Speaking during a media briefing at party headquarters Sirikotha Parliamentarian Mujibur Rahuman said the statement is challenge to democratic governance.

The Parliamentarian meanwhile questioned the former Defence Secretary’s lack of knowledge on the process to topple the government.

He noted law enforcement officials should investigate the Defence Secretray’s statement Is he talking about unleashing terror to topple the government?

Parliamentarian Mujibur Rahuman added that the present constitution has no provision for a caretaker government.

MP Rahuman reiterated a caretaker government can be appointed only after the dissolvent of parliament with a two thirds majority.

He stressed the government collectively received the public mandate to run the government adding therefore the President will not disregard the public’s mandate.

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