Public ‘okay’ with death penalty -President

2019-07-14 at 14:58

President Maithripala Sirisena has threatened to declare a National Day of Mourning if a proposal was tabled in Parliament to abolish the death penalty in Sri Lanka.

Speaking during an event in Embilipitiya, President Sirisena said he will oppose all legislation that will interfere with his programme now referred as ‘War on Drugs.’

The Head of State said the public is in favour of executing drug convicts and therefore he will not backtrack on his promises.

President Maithripala Sirisena previously announced that he will end the moratorium on the death penalty in Sri Lanka.

The President is focused on imposing the death penalty on at least four convicts found guilty on drug racketeering charges.

However several local and international organisations have opposed the resumption of the death penalty in the country.

A private bill has also been set to be presented in Parliament to officially end the death penalty in Sri Lanka.

However, President Sirisena today said he will continue to push with his plans to end the circulation of drugs in the country by imposing the death penalty.

The President added that the Easter Sunday attacks were a plan devised by drug racketeers to dampen his ‘War on Drugs’ programme.

Therefore President Sirisena said he will continue to aggressively pursue on the programme against drug racketeers.