Radiologists engage in one day token strike

2020-09-16 at 13:15

Radiologists have withdrawn from services in protest of several concerns.

Chief Secretary of the Government Radiologists’ Union Dharmakeerthi Epa when contacted by NewsRadio said emergency services, child and women’s care including deliveries are being carried out.

He said 680 radiologists are engaged in a one-day token strike today, adding that CT scans, MRIs and other scans will not be available.

Commenting on the concerns put forth, Epa said radiologists in Jaffna have been disrupted from carrying out duties and have been on strike for one and a half months, adding that separately the Batticaloa Hospital Director General’s actions have hampered radiologists from carrying out duties who he said have been on strike for 15 days.

He charged that officials have failed to take action.

Epa noted that hours and duties of radiologists differ from other staff and charged that investigations are underway to inquire in to the difference of hours with steps being taken to abolish relevant circulars.