Rajapaksa vows to keep election promises

2019-11-17 at 17:59

Presidential candidate of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna Gotabaya Rajapaksa says as the new President-elect he will repay the people for the trust they have placed in him.

Addressing media after the announcement of the 2019 Presidential Election results Rajapaksa vowed to make reality, the promises that have been included in his election manifesto.

He thanked the public for placing their trust in him and electing him as the 7th executive president of Sri Lanka.

The President elect promised the people to not betray the trust they have placed in him.

While thanking the Chairman of the Election Commission and its staff for holding a peaceful and free and fair election, Gotabaya also thanked  all institutions that assisted the Elections Commission in fulfilling their duties, including the Tri-Forces and Police.

He promised to give his fullest support to hold relevant elections at the right time.

Rajapaksa noted that he was happy that the country has changed its past culture of not being able to hold peaceful election.

He pointed out that he urged all his supporters to refrain from using posters or plastic, in his election campaign.

Rajapaksa concluded that he will not pursue racist or religious divisions, but looks forward to serve all Sri Lankans alike.