Ranjans’s MP seat: ‘Legal obstacles arisen’

2021-01-13 at 19:34

Parliamentarian Harsha de Silva says legal arguments have arisen which may prevent MP Ranjan Ramanayake from losing his Parliament seat.

Speaking at a media briefing held this morning the de Silva explained provisions contained within the Constitution in this regard.

He said according to the Constitution an MP can lose their seat only if they have been found guilty, punished and sentenced to more than two years in prison.

However he stressed that it there are no provisions anywhere that state that a prison sentence issued for contempt of court should be longer than two years.

While noting that this fact may be incorrect as he is not a Lawyer, MP de Silva nevertheless stressed that according to what they are aware of there is no such provision.

He stressed therefore there are now legal obstacles to abolishing MP Ranjan Ramanayake’s Parliamentary seat.

Meanwhile MP Harsha de Silva said the prices of rice issued by the government cannot be witnessed anywhere in the market.

The MP stressed that regardless of the number of gazette notifications issued on controlling the price of rice, the government has failed to control the price.

He noted a weekly report is released by the Central Bank containing prices of goods and services in the country. Quoting the report from the 8th of January, the MP said wholesale price of Samba rice was at Rs. 134.40.

However he pointed out that the same item was at Rs. 98 one year ago, stressing it had increased by Rs. 37.

MP de Silva claimed the Dambulla market sold the same rice for Rs. 132.60 and in Maradagahamulla market for Rs. 131.50.

However the MP pointed out that the gazette states that wholesale prices of Nadu rice is regulated to Rs. 92 and the retail price at Rs. 96, whereas samba is to be sold at Rs. 94 in wholesale and Rs. 98 in retail.

He claimed different parties were quoting different prices, creating discrepancies in the market.

Parliamentarian Harsha de Silva noted the only way forward was to strengthen small and medium scale rice mill owners and defeat the rice mafia.