Rathupaswala shooting suspects indicted

2019-09-11 at 16:05

The Attorney General has filed indictments on suspects involved in the Rathupaswala shooting incident at the Gampaha Trial-at-bar.

The case pertaining to the 2013 Rathupaswala unrest is being heard before a special three member bench following a request made by the Attorney General.

NewsRadio Court Correspondent said during today’s sitting the Attorney General served indictments on 94 counts against the Rathupaswala shooting suspects.

The case was heard before the bench comprising of judges Menaka Wijesundara, Nimal Ranaweera and Nishantha Hapuarachchi

The Rathupaswala unrest broke out in 2013 where protestors who demanded clean drinking water were shot at, during the tenure of the United People’s Freedom Alliance led government.

Three persons were killed while 12 others sustained injuries in the shooting which occurred on the 1st of August 2013.