Reveal stance on graduates appeals-NCG

2020-09-16 at 13:12

The National Centre for Graduates has requested the government to announce its stance pertaining to the appeals of graduates who lost job opportunities by the 25th of September.

The timeframe granted to accept appeals ended yesterday. Convenor of the Centre Chandana Sooriyarachchi noted the appeals of graduates who lost jobs have been directed to the Secretary of the Ministry of Public Services, Provincial Councils & Local Government.

Sooriyarachchi said a group of individuals with the same qualifications who applied during the same period have already commenced training as of the 2nd of September.

He added there is another group that has lost jobs and therefore requested the government to provide prompt solutions to those have been burdened due to various inefficiencies in the management.

Sooriyarachchi stated the National Centre for Graduates will take further action if the government fails to announce its stance pertaining to the matter within 10 days.

He requested the government to ensure all unemployed graduates who applied and have valid degrees dated the 31st of December 2019, receive employment.