Rs. 1mn compensation for trawler accident victims

2018-09-14 at 08:30

The government has decided to provide a compensation of 1 million rupees each to the families of the four fishermen who passed away following an accident in the deep sea.

Speaking to NewsRadio Director General of the Fisheries Department Prasanna Ginige said several investigations are currently underway to find the ship in connection to the incident.

He noted the investigations were launched based on facts provided by the survivor of the accident.

The Director General stressed there is a concern related to the time in which the accident occurred adding therefore ships are inspected based on that time frame.

He reiterated that the Navy is yet to complete investigations on the missing fishermen.

Four persons died following a mid-sea boat accident in Galle.

The Police Media Unit said a group of seven fishermen had set out to sea on board a multi-day trawler on Tuesday from the Beruwala fisheries harbour.

Police said the vessel had met with an accident within Sri Lankan territorial waters.

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