‘Several bus drivers on drugs while on duty’

2019-09-11 at 10:16

The Lanka Private Bus Owners Association says a survey has revealed that a majority of bus drivers and conductors are under the influence of narcotics while on duty.

Chairman Gemunu Wijeratne speaking to NewsRadio said complaints in this regard have been lodged with the Acting Inspector General of Police Chandana Wickramaratne including the National Council on Road Safety.

Wijeratne noted several bus drivers are addicted to marijuana while several drivers were found to be using heroin as well, adding however the main concern is the use of the narcotic ICE.

He said six reasons were presented to Police as to why drivers are addicted to narcotics.

Gemunu Wijeratne noted it is a major concern in the industry as almost 50% of the drivers are addicted to narcotics and it leads to difficulties in carrying forward the industry.